MVR 165.00

SD Plus

“60% decrease in irritation in 30 days.”

For oily sensitive skins with seborrheic dermatitis and desquamate, redness skin problems.

Purifying cleansing gel for the skins with seborrheic dermatitis.

Developed for oily sensitive skins anf the skins with desquamate & redness skin problems, with its developed active ingradients it helps to balance the skin. Calms the sensetive texture of the skin and balances sebum.

Morning and night, 2 times a day apply to skin with massage and rinse with a plenty of water. Suitable for face and body use.
Recommended Duration of Use:
Suitable for a daily use. Recommended to use for minimum 2 months.

Questions and Answers
My skin is very oily so can I use this series?
No it is inconvenient to use for the people with seborrheic dermatitis problems.
My seborrheic dermatitis problem is over. Should I continue to use it?
Yes, you should. Becasue seborrheic dermatitis its a cronic ilness and does not have any treatments.. Therefore you should use as a daily care.

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Phytosonic™: The synergistic effect of the vegetal content of glaucium flavum, Euglena and caffeine activates the
intracellular energy systems that stops the oxidative stress causing the formation of the appearance of orange peel, also increases intracellular carnitine transfer and fat breakdown, prevents the formation of new fat cells, helps to form a smooth texture, it tightens the texture and gives it flexibility. In in vitro studies; ,in mature fat cells that were allowed to interact with 3% PhytosonicTM, a 55% reduction in the amount of depot triglyceride was observed
after 9 days compared to placebo.

Crocus Chrysanthus Extract: Active ingredient derived from the Crocus flower, which is a symbol of youth and beauty, helps to regulate the renovation of the skin structure by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis..

COSMED is a one of a kind safe product line, that cares for everyone.
We say NO to Anything that can harm you and the nature, Contentious preservatives like Parabens and Phenoxyethanol, Animal derived ingredients, Animal testing, Mineral oils and petrol derivatives, Alcohol, sulfate.
We say yes to safe products with clean ingredients and non allergen fragrance.

We dream the best for your skin, we research; we follow the World and science. We closely observe the novelties, and the progressions.
We create scientific beauty formulations. For you, For your beauty and happiness.