Memwa mini Famous

MVR 75.00

Top Notes: Citruses, tangerine, Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Violet leaf, basil, Mint
Base notes: Vetiver from Haiti, Leather

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Memwa Famous very sensual and passionate masculine fragrance that embodies the image of a man in the 1980s. As you remember, the men of that time conquered beauties in a matter of seconds. The fragrance appeared in 1988. Forever Famous is not a fragrance of a simple earner and owner, it is the fragrance of a sensitive and sensual man who is ready to reveal the fullness of all his feelings and emotions. This fragrance wonderfully intertwines fresh notes with notes of sensuality and passion. The composition includes woody notes, mossy notes, cedar, hawthorn and honeysuckle. This classic fragrance will give its owner a sense of self-confidence and their strength, will give the image of elegance.