Memwa mini ocean

MVR 75.00

Top notescitruses.
Heart notessage.
Base notesguaiac wood, musk.

A cool marine fragrance with a light citrus scent.

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Ocean wave is an analogue of Deep Cool Water. The refined ocean fragrance is addressed to successful and confident men. This is an accessory for workaholics, for those who always solve their problems on their own, only go to the intended goal. The woody nature of the sound is able to emphasize the solidity and self-sufficiency of a man. Especially for him, a daring and sophisticated perfume cocktail Memwa ocean wave was created. It has attractive sparks of citrus fruits, the warming power of wood, the luxury of amber. The savory formula begins with hints of vibrant lemon, spiced with woody sensuality. The extraordinary top is complemented by hearty notes of amber and musk, embellished with the alluring freshness of cedar. Exotic bamboo complements the unique aura.