MVR 250.00

• Low-looking eyebrows can make you look more tired. With Note Brow Master Wax, you can fix your eyebrows upwards in seconds and get a more renewed look.
• Note Brow Master Wax; It contains wax and brush that allow you to shape your eyebrows easily.
• Thanks to its colorant-free formula, it is suitable for use on any color eyebrow.
• Thanks to its strong formula, the eyebrows are fixed and maintain their shape throughout the day.
• Its special formula contains castor oil that cares for eyebrows all day long.
• While the glycerine in it moisturizes the eyebrows, it helps to prevent the skin under the eyebrows from drying out and exfoliating.
• Its special formula also includes Prokapil and Biotinol, which prevent eyebrow loss.

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