TXTR BY CANTU – Cleansing Oil Shampoo Color Treated Hair + Curls 473ml

MVR 175.00

Product Description

Txtr by Cantu Cleansing oil shampoo is color-treated hair’s new Holy grail natural hair product! A moisture-rich, color-safe, gentle cleanser, The cleansing oil shampoo adds moisture and radiance back to dry hair. Say goodbye to colored hair that looks dry, brittle, and damaged; this shampoo was crafted to make sure your hair doesn’t just look healthy, but that it is healthy. This sulfate-free shampoo also contains no Silicones, mineral oil, or Parabens, and increases moisture to keep color-treated hair in tip-top shape. The shea butter and essential oils keep the hair and scalp hydrated and nourished, while the spearmint oil soothes dry, itchy scalp. For an extra layer of shine that still feels lightweight and natural, we’ve included finishing touches of castor oil.

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About This Item

    • Adds moisture and repairs damage on color-treated hair.
    • Spearmint oil soothes dry scalp.
    • Castor oil adds shine and helps maintain moisture.

How To Use

Wet hair completely. Massage into hair beginning at the root and work toward ends. Lather then rinse thoroughly with cool water. A second lather and rinse are recommended for hair with heavy product buildup.